2013 Webcasts

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Identifying Victims of Sex Trafficking and Exploitation

Presented By: Susan Munsey, LCSW, GenerateHope | 10/10/13

Updates – Treating Child and Adolescent Depression 

Presented By: Timothy Liu, MD | 9/23/13

Mini Lectures |  20 Minutes Each | Presented by: Dr. Robert Gish, MD

Cirrhosis: a scarring of the liver

NASH, Fatty Liver, NAFLD

Hepatitis B

Hepatitis C

When the immune system attacks the liver: What is next?

Liver Tumors (Benign, not Malignant)

Liver Cancer, Hepatocellular Carcinoma, Hepatoma

Liver and Nutrition in Cirrhosis


Mini Lecture 10: Liver Biopsy: Why and When?

How to Use Behavioral Health Staff in Primary Care

Presented By: Elizabeth Morrison, LCSW, MAC | 6/25/13

Treating Insomnia in Primary Care

Presented By: Sonia Ancoli-Israel, PhD | 6/13/13

San Diego eConsult 

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Presented By: Jennifer Tuteur MD, FAAFP & Olga Oliberos  | 6/6/13

Assessment and Treatment of Perinatal Depression

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Presented by: Kathryn Hirst, MD | 5/30/13

Prescription Drug Abuse: The San Diego Medical Response

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Presented by: Roneet Lev, MD | 4/29/13

Additional Resources:

Physician Guidelines

San Diego Sign

Patient Agreement


Metabolic Syndrome

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Presented by: Michael J. Bailey, MD | 4/3/13