2018 Presentations

2018 Summit Program Outside
2018 Summit Program Inside


  1. Welcome and Logistics of the Day |  Marty Adelman, MA, CPRP, Health Center Partners
  2. A Message from County Leadership | Alfredo Aguirre, LCSW, County of San Diego, HHSA, BHS
  3. Keynote Address “Trauma Informed Care, Implementing the Approach” |  R. J. Gillespie, MD, MHPE, Pediatrician, The Children’s Clinic, Portland Oregon  | HANDOUT 


  1. The Transition from Primary Care to Trauma-Informed Care: A template for change Most of us know what trauma informed care is. In this session Leon Altamirano, Psy.D. shares the steps taken at North County Health Services to enhance the culture of an entire FQHC to make the trauma-informed approach meaningful.
  2. SDOH 101 |  Wendi Vierra, PhD, of Neighborhood Healthcare explains what Social Determinants of Health are, why is it important that we screen for them, how do we screen for them, and what do we do with the findings.
  3. Optimizing Your Mental Health Through Physical Activity and Nutrition – | Kelsey Graham, M.Ed. associate professor at Mesa College and health coach teaches us how exercise and a healthy diet can aid in recovery from depression, anxiety and other chronic conditions and make you the best version of you

LARGE GROUP ACTIVITY | Where Are We Currently with Cross-System Collaboration

  1. Amanda Lee, LCSW, Union of Pan-Asian Communities (MH-PC Shared treatment)
  2. Terry Aperule, CADC II, Mental Health Systems (SUD – PC, SUD-SUD Shared Treatment)
  3. Nicole Anderson, LCSW, Family Health Centers of San Diego (PC- Justice, Systems Transition)


  1. Care Integration and the County’s SUD Treatment Programs
    County of San Diego’s Behavioral Health Services is in the Midst of a Complete Re-Design of the Substance Use Disorder System. Nicole Esposito, MD, of County of San Diego, HHSA, BHS will give us a picture of what it will look like when it’s done.
  2. SDOH 201  /  SDOH 201  | Wendi Vierra, PhD of Neighborhood Healthcare and April House, MHA of San Ysidro Health talk about how their health centers have successfully used Social Determinants of Health to improve the health and wellness of their patient population”.
  3. The Controversy Around Cannabis As Medicine | J.H. Atkinson, MD, Co-Director, Center for Medical Cannabis Research at UCSD will provide clinicians with as much research-based information as possible about the risks and benefits of cannabis as a medicine, so they can treat their patients accordingly.


  1. “Taking Care of Yourself While Taking Care of Others: Self-care, conquering compassion fatigue and finding happiness”  |  Jean Steel, MS, Happy People Win Healthcare is stressful, no doubt, but in what other industry can you make a difference EVERY. SINGLE. DAY? It is easy to get overwhelmed, but in this keynote, Jean shares her tips on becoming positive, recognizing compassion fatigue, reducing stress and improving your attitude. Do you know we can prime our brains to focus on positivity? That the outcome of each day often depends on the choices we make? We know happiness is an inside job – it is our decisions on how we live our life that determines our personal and professional success. Changing attitudes, taking responsibility, and making authentic choices are not always easy. With an engaging mix of personal experiences, real life examples, and surprising facts, Jean shows us how to step up, run wild and live our precious lives to their fullest.